Diabetic Pharmacy Solutions exclusively controls the NDC for several diabetic testing supplies and has straight from manufacturer capability.

We offer processes, driven by experienced technicians and proven technology, that have returned a 98 percent response rate from doctors.

We offer affordable and innovative solutions to help you increase your customer base whether you're looking to connect with B2B or B2C leads.

Efficiency and effectiveness are critical to your business. Let our 20 years of experience help you get the most from your pharmacy.

About Diabetic Pharmacy Solutions
Diabetic Pharmacy Solutions offers an effective way for customers to obtain their diabetic testing supplies and significantly improve their bottom line. Diabetic Pharmacy Solutions takes pride in customer satisfaction and service.

At Diabetic Pharmacy Solutions, we pride ourselves on results, whether it’s driving performance improvements through our consulting group, meeting your needs for diabetic supplies through our wholesale companies, or providing your pharmaceutical needs through one of our pharmacies.

ForaCare® V12 Test Strips
Diabetic Pharmacy Solutions offers the ForaCare® V12 Test Strips in 50 count boxes. This is a high quality strip that provides results within 7 seconds when used with the V12 Blood Glucose Monitoring System.

FORA® V12 Blood Glucose Monitoring System
The FORA® V12 Blood Glucose Monitoring System with advanced talking (English/Spanish) interaction requires no code setting and offers PC link capability data transmission for better management.

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